Perrin & Geoff

During the unpredictable COVID Summer of 2020, change seemed to be the only constant in the world. Perrin and Geoff’s love story started on Nantucket, so when they found themselves having to pivot their wedding plans due to pandemic constraints, it seemed kismet that Nantucket could offer the setting and atmosphere they originally wanted. The updated plan was to marry & celebrate on a beach on the North Shore of the island, until a hurricane made a beach ceremony untenable. Altering course once more, plan C went forth, with the couple getting married in St. Paul’s church and enjoying their reception at a private residence just down the street. The couple never displayed anything other than a deep gratitude for the opportunity to get their family and closest friends together, regardless of the setting.

redefining visual excellence

With a keen eye for detail & an unwavering commitment to quality, Brian Sager Photography crafts a stunning visual narrative that transcends both time & trends.

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